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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Eagle County Gives?
    Eagle Gives was founded as a collaborative in 2010 for all Eagle County nonprofits that were approved to participate in the statewide Colorado Gives Day. The collaborative has expanded into a year-round effort supporting the development of the member organizations and providing a unique engagement opportunity for individuals and businesses to support the impact of member organizations.
  • How are donations to Eagle Gives from businesses or individuals allocated to member organizations?
    The four tier funding model provides a donation to all organizations with increasing amounts directed to organizations that have served on committees, otherwise volunteered in support of this effort and had longevity of participation. The amount dispersed will vary annually based on the total amount available in the incentive fund by February 1.
  • How does my nonprofit become a part of Eagle Gives?
    Eagle Gives is open to all nonprofit organizations serving Eagle County who have been approved for participation in Colorado Gives Day. For more information or to enroll visit Enroll | Colorado Gives 365.
  • How does Eagle Gives coordinate with Colorado Gives Day?
    Colorado Gives Day has rapidly grown into the largest day of individual giving in the State of Colorado. Eagle Gives members actively work together to increase awareness for and develop resources to grow individual giving on that day. Eagle Gives started as a result of Colorado Gives Day and has grown into a year-round effort.
  • Can I donate directly to Eagle Gives?
    Please contact us to provide support to all member organizations. In addition, we encourage you to visit the list of nonprofit partners and donate directly to an organization that resonates with you.
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